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Act IntelliCAD is a native DWG & DXF CAD software based on IntelliCAD 9.2 Engine. Act IntelliCAD is a best CAD software to create, edit, mark-up and plot drawings. It is a fully functional 2D Drafting Software along with 3D Mesh Modeling. The Professional version of Act IntelliCAD supports creation and editing of ACIS 3D Solids. All versions of DWG & DXF files from very old R2 to latest 2019 are supported. The commands, icons, interface, dialogs etc. are very much similar to other software like AutoCAD®. Act IntelliCAD is very fast and smooth as the CAD engine is very light in weight (less than 500MB size).


Act IntelliCAD uses latest IntelliCAD engine which includes several enhancements.


Act IntelliCAD offers FREE Email Technical Support for all Customers and Trial users.


Act IntelliCAD is available at very low global price. License is valid for life-time.

Many File Formats Supported 

The main file format of Act IntelliCAD is dwg (from very old R2 version to latest 2018 version). Apart from this it also supports many other file formats like DXF (both binary & ASCII), svg, stl, dwf, dwt etc. From Act IntelliCAD you can export 2D PDF and 3D PDF files. Drawings can be printed to PDF files using pdf .pc3 print drivers. Also, vector PDF files can be directly imported to Act IntelliCAD for direct editing.

Act IntelliCAD supports several hundred image file formats ranging from JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG etc. The OLE module supports embedding and linking of excel files, word files, pdf files, images etc.


2D Drafting & 3D Mesh Modeling
ACIS 3D Modeling available as optional module
Import PDF and edit directly
Attach & Edit Digital Signatures to Drawings
Self License Transfer
License valid for life-time
Free Technical Support
Upgrades to future versions of Act IntelliCAD are optional