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progeCAD, the real low cost CAD alternative with Perpetual License

progeCAD's original format DWG ensures complete compatibility with DWG DXF CAD WITHOUT ANY FILE CONVERSION and without loosing any critical information. progeCAD lets you export drawing files both in DWG and DXF drawing file formats.

ProgeCAD 2020 features


PDF to DWG Conversion

ProgeCAD is a cost-effective 2D drafting and 3D Modellng CAD softaware which supports industry popular dwg & dxf file formats.

3D CAD model convert to 3D PDF

In built 3D PDF conrter.
Convert your 3D model in 3D pdf formate 
to share with your clients


iCADLib integrates Traceparts web portal and progeCAD's Cadenas web portal for easy guided usage of more than 100 million of blocks. Directly guided block insertion from the web into your drawings just in a snap. 


The Traceparts web portal and progeCAD's Cadenas web portal are freely available to progeCAD users worldwide with hundreds of supplier catalogs and 100 million CAD models and product datasheets suitable for design, purchasing, manufacturing or maintenance processes.

Advanced Render - NEW

This is an ideal product for architects and for all those designers who need to view their own drawings in a photorealistically visualization.

progeCAD professional includes the advanced Rendering function, based on the ray-tracing algorithm, new integration with Artisan Renderer. It allows you to create a photorealistic image of your model quickly using a wide range of pre-set materials and lighting setups combined with the ability to create custom lights and realistic materials.

Ribbon and Classic GUI

progeCAD supports both common Menu interfaces: the Classic one based on the standard toolbar and the new up-to-date Ribbon- based menu as of Microsoft Office® or AutoCAD® Ribbons use tabs to expose different sets of controls, eliminating the need for many parallel toolbars. Customizable through CUI Files.Users accustomed to the classic Drop-Down menu and Toolbars can still stick to their preferred style.

iCADLib module and Libraries

The advanced iCADLib module for blocks management ensures the best organization and management of your Symbol Libraries. More than 20.000 ready-to-use 2D/3D Blocks: Construction Architectural, ANSI-ISO and DIN-ISO Mechanics,ANSI and IEC Electrical, Electronic,Steel Profiles Furniture,Kitchen.

Superhatch Command- NEW

Create hatch patterns from images, blocks, external references (xrefs) and wipeouts.

Authorised for TP Client - BPMS (Add-On)

( BPMS, Implimented in Some city`s in Maharashtra - India)

10 Reasons for progeCAD

Perpetual License! No annual fee

 No learning curve! Nothing to learn if you are AutoCAD® users

Works natively with DWG! Fully compatible with AutoCAD® without conversion

PDF and DWF to DWG conversion included

Convert your old paper draughts into CAD!

Create architectural layouts in a flash with the parametric plug-in

Export to Google Earth®!

Work with the included huge blocks libraries and manage your own symbols

Keep the CAD up-to-date for a low price. You decide when to upgrade

Work with a reliable partner with a worldwide presence

Licenses Options

progeCAD Professional is available with different perpetual licensing solutions:

SL - Single license

a licensing solution for one user which allows to keep the software on a desktop and laptop for more flexibility.

NLM - Network Licenses

can be installed on unlimited PCs in the net and used at the same time by several users according to the purchased licenses (1 NLM=1 concurrent user). The number of network floating licenses determines how many users can work with the product concurrently, so in accordance with this the necessary number of licenses should be acquired. License Take-Away: NLM licenses can be temporarily moved on a laptop or a remote PC to be used offline.

Corporate One Site - Site License

Unlimited users under the company name within one unique company location or production unit

Corporate Country - Nation-Wide License

Unlimited users under the company name within the same country